Picture Perfect Paintings

You may be looking at the image above, thinking, “I could do that!” But what if I told you that this is actually an oil painting? Photorealism is the art of creating a painting that looks as if it could be a photograph and Pedro Campos is one of the best in the field. Some people argue that this form of painting is a waste of time, wondering why not just take a picture? But there is something about these paintings that looks even more realistic than a photograph. Campos adds a certain depth that makes his images seem to pop out of the canvas- like you could reach out and pick up one of the objects. Whether you are a fan of hyper-realism or not, the technical skills required to achieve such picture perfection are not something that many people possess and Pedro Campos deserves a huge pat on the back for producing this magnificent collection.

Check out more of Pedro Campos’ incredible, hyper-realistic paintings on his website.

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