Retro Twist: Owen Gatley’s Editorial Illustrations

Owen Gatley is making all of the right strokes with his hand-drawn vintage illustration style. Gately’s vintage style is reminiscent of something you would see in an old children’s book, with the soft pencil strokes and shading that add a lot of depth and life to his scenes. It’s always nice to see artists adding craft back into their work, which he does splendidly through mainly using hand drawn illustration. The use of bright, often primary colors teamed with conceptual images, makes his environments fun and engaging… with just the right amount of detail.

Gatley’s work feels like a story, taking several different ideas and scenes that may seem unrelated and unifying them into a digestible, cohesive piece of art. You can even purchase any of his illustrations as art to hang on your wall, just by letting him know. Originally from Worcestershire, UK, Gatley works as a freelance editorial illustrator with his illustrator sister Heather Gatley in their Berlin based studio. He is represented by Agent Pekka, a Finnish illustration agency. Go see the rest of his art here.

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