Airbnb’s Global Growth: Visualizing The Journey

Few new businesses have been received with as much excitement as the world-wide private accommodation renting Airbnb… and no wonder, the site has literally exploded with activity in the last two years. This absolutely gorgeous new graphic by design whiz Kelli Anderson, looks at the growth of the massively successful company, which now allows you to rent over 19,000 exciting locations in 192 countries. If this doesn’t give you the travel bug, nothing will.

As illustrated in Anderson’s graphic, since it’s beginnings in 2008 Airbnb has now booked 5 million nights around the world… with a 500% rise in bookings between January 2011 and January 2012 alone. This rocket ship like rise is not too surprising when you consider how great their system works… I mean, which would you rather stay at, a tourist filled Paris hotel with nothing but a bed and a TV, or a fully furnished private apartment to yourself with a great view?

Cities like Paris and San Francisco are becoming completely blanketed with sweet places to stay when you visit for business or pleasure: just check out the pink map of San Francisco on the graphic, nearly every block of the city has an available room, private apartment or home. That’s another thing that makes this so cool; you no longer need to stay in an area filled with hotels, you’re tucked away in family neighborhoods or staying in the heart of famous locations no city would allow a view spoiling hotel placed. Many of us here at Visual News have already used the service on our hops around the US and the world, and the experience has been superb, to say the least.

For more of Kelli Anderson’s brilliant graphical works, see her site or see her latest happenings on Twitter. We also covered one of her great creations in our post How Collaborative Sharing Can Make You Money.

Click here or the image below for a full sized view of the graphic:

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