The Gaskettes: Swoon and Destroy

The Gaskettes are a crew of rad chicks who ride through the streets of LA on retro mopeds. The gang is all-inclusive to any female with a love of moped-riding, who is willing to get her hands dirty, and dress in the signature gold satin jackets with a G emblazoned on the breast. On their Facebook fanpage, the Gaskettes describe themselves as “unicorn-like both in rarity and love of sparkly things.” For their first official ride, which took place on February 12, 2011, the Gaskettes wanted to focus on something super girly, so Valentine’s Day was decidedly apropos. Director Jason House and producer Cesar Vega followed the gang of whiskey-drinking trouble-makers on some rare outings as they prepared for their “Be Our Valentine or We’ll Punch Your Teeth Out!” Ride and did a little filming along the way. The result is the short documentary “The Gaskettes: Swoon and Destroy” which will be coming out this Summer! Until then, check out the extended trailer below.

You can follow the Gaskette Girls on tumblr and facebook.

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