MingleWing- The Love Child of Reddit & Pinterest

Have you ever stumbled upon something that you think is amazing, posted it on Facebook, hoping to spark a conversation, only to find that none of your friends are interested? The creators of AnyBeat have solved this problem with their latest website: MingleWing.

With MingleWing you can transport your shares beyond your social circle to reach out to a much larger community: the WORLD! Most of us have Facebook friends from work, school, family, and geographical proximity, but this doesn’t always guarantee the best audience for every interest we may develop. With MingleWing, like its sister site AnyBeat’s Public Square, you will meet people from all walks of life that share your passions and can introduce you to things you may never have found within your social realm.

Like Pinterest allows you to “Pin It”, MingleWing has a “Wing It” button for your toolbar that allows you to add a category to your Facebook posts (you control which ones) and open them up for public discussion. MingleWing is much more accessible than Pinterest because it is integrated to Facebook, so you don’t even need to create an account to start mingling. MingleWing has a tile-layout which similar to Pinterest, but it also incorporates a feature like Reddit that allows “Minglers” to vote a particular content up or down, bringing prominent topics to the top of each category page. However, since you can post virtually every type of content, as you would on Facebook, MingleWing is not as text-heavy as Reddit or as picture-heavy as Pinterest, which means there will be something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start MingleWing!

A few gems I found on MingleWing:

Cult Of Unicorn:!

Yosemite HD on Vimeo:

Alison Klayman’s documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry:

American Apparel Nixes Plus-Size Model Contest After “Wrong” Woman Wins

Dalai Lama in San Diego

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