Where Are the Movie Hits of 2011 Streaming?

If you’re looking to stream the latest Harry Potter or Transformers movie tonight, Netflix is not the way to go. Tristan Louis was recently wondering where the latest hit movies where available to watch instantly… and his resulting research shows that Netflix is seriously lagging behind it’s competition – Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. In fact, as you can tell in the chart below by Flowing Data, Netflix only offers a sad 5 hit titles from 2011 out of the top 100… compare that to Amazon’s 45 titles, and the others just behind at 44.

So what does this mean for those who want to see the latest films? The choice isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. Although Netflix offers few of the streaming options of the other providers, the subscription based service offers all the available movies via their DVD through the mail service. Amazon on the other hand, offers a much larger selection of streamed films but no DVDs through the mail, thus limiting the ultimate number of films you can see with them. Vudu and iTunes are a pay-per-view service with no subscription fee, making them a very attractive alternative to the other services.

Which service makes sense for you? Find out in the chart below, where blue means available, yellow means not, and gray means it’s only available for purchase. The last column for DVD simply means it’s available (since DVDs are of course not streaming).

Click here or the image below for a full sized view:

Via: flowingdata.com

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