Starwars Uncut: The Full Film Now Online!

Three years ago on a computer not so far away… a plan was hatched to create a completely open source version of Star Wars: A New Hope, using the members of the internet. Envisioned by Casey Pugh, that vision became Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced version of the cult-classic film created by fans around the internet. Casey invited them (and you) to create 15 seconds of the original movie, to be combined with other 15 second tributes into a full length internet extravaganza. The resulting film – Star Wars Uncut: Directors Cut.

The incredibly mish-mashed film that resulted actually gives me hope for the internet community. Look at the massive collaboration and community oriented thinking that created this piece. Like the recent rallying of internet clout to defeat SOPA, this film pulls from the all encompassing breadth of the internet to create something beautiful… something we as a global community can both be proud of in its unifying ability.


The film turns out to be surprisingly entertaining too, retaining its continuity while providing a heavy dose of ADD inducing changes in style and format. Older men in newspaper hats become Imperial fighters, dogs become Han Solo and surprisingly good animation creeps in here and there throughout the 2 hour 5 minute film. Just how revolutionary is it? The film has already won an Emmy this past year in the fairly new category of interactive media, bringing much attention to the film and it’s methods which Pugh and his fellow creators call a “user-directed broadcast.” Enjoy the film, and may the internet be with you.

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