Photographing the Life of Orphaned Burmese Refugees

The country of Burma (currently known as Myanmar) has been going through a civil war that has lasted over 60 years. As a result of the violence, many people have had to leave their homes, their livings, and flee to forests or leave the country in order to survive.

Many migrated to Mae Sot, Thailand, where more than 43,000 live in refugee camps and communities. In the process of migration and adapting, some people have contracted disease, some have been killed by landmines and some have died. The children of the passed souls are then orphaned and are left with little to live on. Some of the families simply can’t afford to pay for food or education for their children.

Depending on where we live, we may not think about the orphans that exist in the world. Children without parents, living in environments that are tough to survive in. Lacking in love and family, they find some community and care in orphanages. They also find opportunities to grow and develop.

Frederick Eliezer Gaghauna, a VSO volunteer and a humanitarian photographer, captured some of the images of Burmese children and life at the orphanage.

More information at Mae Sot Orphanage

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