Innovation Barometer: Business Execs Weigh In

Now this is a great way to visualize a survey. For the second year running, GE has asked senior business executives the world over (2,800 to be exact) to weigh in with their opinions on 5 different dimensions of innovation: the role of government, new models of innovation, spurring innovation, innovation culture, innovation actors and optimism from innovation.

The interactive spider graphic they’ve created does an excellent job of showing the results for 5 questions on each of the above mentioned aspects. It allows you to overlay the resulting charts in different colors, comparing the percentages of each response to its region, country of origin or the world as a whole. Especially interesting is a comparison between ‘developed’ and ’emerging’ countries: thoughts on innovation, while similar, differ in telling ways about their priorities looking forward. You can also hover over any question to see a snapshot of the trend over the past two years, revealing how opinions about their importance has changed.

Click here or the image below to launch the visualization:


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