First Images of a Living Burmese Snub-Nosed Monkey

It’s always exciting when a new animal is discovered, but when that animal is a jungle monkey with an upturned nose that sneezes when it rains? That’s just awesome.

In 2010, a new type of snub-nosed monkey, R. strykeri, was found by hunters in Myanmar. Unfortunately, they had killed it before researchers could take a good look at it, and it was eaten shortly after — monkey meat is a delicacy in the region.

Until today, images of the dead Burmese snub-nosed monkey and a few Photoshop renderings (see the first image) were the only ones available. Thanks to a few hidden cameras, however, we’re now able to enjoy looking at these peculiar little creatures in the wild in the newly released photos below.

“Although previously undiscovered by western scientists, for Myanmarese locals this ‘snub-nosed’ species was already fairly well known as ‘monkey with an upturned face’ on account of its striking vissage,” TreeHugger says. “Also, they said because of its upward-aiming nose, the monkeys could be heard sneezing in the forests whenever it happened to rain.”

These snub-nosed monkey photos were taken by cameras tucked inside the Myanmar forests where the R. strykeri live, and are thought to be the first to capture this species alive.

We didn’t want to feature the photo of the dead monkey the hunters caught, but if you’re curious, you can check it out on National Geographic.

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