2011: A Look Back at The Year in Kickstarter

Kickstarter is officially a phenomenon! From funding civic projects like turning derilict New York lots into urban farms, to creative ventures like turning Michigan’s Rabbit Island into an Artists Residency or launching an inexpensive tool for shooting smooth video pans, the funding powerhouse is quickly revolutionizing the way we see grass roots projects come into reality… and no wonder: is there anything more exciting than being directly connected to making well thought out, world changing projects come to life and getting something back in return??


Kickstarter is currently looking back at the past year, remembering their meteoric rise to popularity and sharing some of the exciting stories we’ve all watch bloom on the site. The Year in Kickstarter, their gorgeous new series of pages, has a crafty DIY aesthetic that is almost as fun as the stories and data they share. It looks at the main project trends the site has seen, the stats behind the $99,344,382 in pledges they have received (woah!), shares plenty of memorable landmarks and the highlights from the most catchy campaigns. Start taking notes potential project launchers!

Now head over to The Year in Kickstarter and get freaky!

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