From the creative mind of Caldwell Tanner, illustrator of College Humor, writer of his own captivating and hilarious illustration blog, and graphic artist/comedian extraordinaire, now comes “The Internet League of Justice” illustration series! Imagine if the most popular online websites and social media networks were superheroes! What powers would they have?

Online Superheroes Google


Who would their nemeses be? Thanks to Tanner’s amazing wit and humor, we don’t have to guess anymore! He has created superpowers and archenemies for each imagined, internet superhero ie, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Depicting Google as an “overpowered hero” with “near infinite abilities”, Caldwell draws us into his fascinating and humorous fantasy of a world immersed in a perilous battle for internet domination!. Can you envision Amazon as a super hero/villain(?) with amazing powers to “drain bank accounts” and provide “super saver shipping”, whose worst nemesis is Craigslist? Or perhaps, Google + as a “noble” superhero with “good intention”s, who yet may not have much value. See all of Caldwell Tanner’s internet superhero illustrations for more amusing descriptions of these online heroes. More information about Tanner and his “image-based laughtermagic” can be found on Google +, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Twitter. Hmm… does it seem, perhaps, that Tanner and his graphic humor, could be said to be dominating the internet, as well?!

Online Superheroes Amazon

Online Superheroes Facebook

Online Superheroes Huffington Post

Online Superheroes Google+

Online Superheroes Reddit


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