PBS Off Book: Mini Docs on Product Design to Book Art

PBS never fails to impress me with their high quality, thought provoking programming… even here on the internet. Their ongoing web-based series of mini-documentaries, Off Book, explores the diverse world of creativity, where they’ve covered everything from the subcultural craftiness that is Steampunk, to the fashion sense of the art community.

Today we bring you a roundup of some or our favorites from the series, beginning with their latest addition, an exploration of what’s currently going on in product design and how it continues to be highly relevant in our time. They interview Dr. Harvey Moscot of iconic Moscot Eyewear, Peter Schmitt of MIT’s Personal Robotics Group and Yves Behar of fuseproject. It’s an inspiring and insightful overview of all things aesthetic and smartly functional.

For more on PBS’s Off Book, see the additional videos below, then head to the PBS Youtube channel for more.

PBS on Typography, their second installment in the Off Book series. They talk about the pervasiveness of type in our culture and how it subtly communicates to us, often without our knowing. From PBS: “Graphic designer Paula Scher talks about building identity in messaging, while Eddie Opara uses texture to create reaction. Infographic designers Julia Vakser and Deroy Peraza map complicated data sets into digestible imagery, mixing color, graphics and type.”

Off Book takes on Generative Art, a fairly new field in the art community, where creatives release some of their artistic control to “a gizmo designed to do your taxes.” Featuring Luke Dubois, a generative composer, Scott Draves a generative artist and Will Wright a Game Designer.

And finally, PBS looks at book art, exploring what the future means for a traditional media threatened by the digital age, and looking at how artists are re-interpreting what books mean and how we interact with them. Featuring paper engineer Matthew Reinhart and book artists Andrea Dezso and Carole Kunstadt.

Via: brainpickings.org

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