What If Company Logos Were Honest?

What would happen if large corporations actually ran their companies with our best interests in mind? Their logos might look a bit more like these new editions in design wiz Viktor Hertz’s ongoing series: Honest Logos. Each design remixes the original, replacing their name with something more closely representing a stereotype behind what the company really brings to the world. The results are as refreshing as a grande caramel-mocha Frappuccino with whipped-cream and caramel drizzle… but a whole lot less fattening.

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We’ve covered Viktor Hertz’s work before, but he continues to impress with his originality and cleanly executed aesthetic. The Sweden based designer does quite a bit of this type of ‘adbusting’, but other subjects don’t escape similar treatment: his cleverly remixed movie posters are often better than the originals. You can see more work by Hertz on his extensive flickr page, follow him on Twitter or buy prints at Redbubble.

Below you’ll find a selection of Viktor’s older “adbusts” from the series:

Via: jaymug.com

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