Surprisingly Unusual: Photographs of Small Worlds

A sunny balcony pokes out from the side of a classic brick building, curtains drifting in the breeze behind old green double doors and an open drink waits to be consumed… but not is all as it seems. Disquietingly, we realize this peaceful scene is actually hanging over the smooth, polished tracks of a recently traveled railroad line. Such are the familiar, yet unusual works of miniature artist Frank Kunert.

In his series “Small Worlds,” Kunert creates miniature models of architectural landscapes, then subtly, slyly changes aspects creating visual surprises that aren’t always immediately apparent. With his exceptional eye for detail, many of his works are realistic enough that they could make you question where and why the impractical building was constructed. He often spends weeks, if not months, perfecting the pieces before pulling out his large-format camera to capture the pieces. At the same time, however, he is not concerned with whether the models are seen as such, he is happy to have people be aware of their tangible roots.

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You can see more of Frank Kunert’s “Small Worlds” and his miniature characters at


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