Outside In: The Story of Art in the Streets

Is grafiti a public nuisance, a travesty, destruction of public property, or art? Watch “Outside In: The Story of Art in the Streets”, film director Alex Stapleton’s cutting-edge documentary on the “Art in the Streets” exhibition from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. See the process of creating graffiti and the resulting art. Hear grafiti artists’ (such as Shepard Fairey, Mister Cartoon, Risk, Retna, Martha Cooper, ESPO, Invador, and many more), opinions on the importance of their works. Watch as many of them experience the legal consequences of their works. Then you decide! Should graffiti truly be labeled as a “crime” or recognized and acknowledged to be the creative expression of an artist?

Watch the full length movie here:

Source: http://daddygothisgunloaded.blogspot.com

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