China’s Fake Disneyland: The Park That Never Was

Like a a faded ghost of the classic American Dream, an unfinished Disney-like castle rises into the cloudy China sky. Located just 45 minutes drive from the center of smog covered Beijing, the building is part of a now decaying construction project abandoned over a decade ago… an amusement park touted as ‘the largest amusement park in Asia.’ Reuters own David Gray captured these images of the park which is located on about 100 acres of once prosperous farmland. Hardly a coincidence, the park was going to be called Wonderland.


Gray notes that the project was abandoned “due to disagreements over property prices with local governments and farmers” … “It is a reflection of the country’s property market which many analysts say the government must keep tightening steps in place. The worry is a massive increase in inflation and a speculative bubble that might burst, considering that property sales contribute to around 10 percent of China’s growth.” Now all that is left are the skeletons of what once was a fun and lucrative dream.

It’s not all gloomy though… it looks like the perfect location to film that next big thriller flick.

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A farmer carrying a shovel walks through the ruins of Wonderland.

A decrepit sign with the logo for Wonderland hangs on the wall of an abandoned building.

Fresh footprints in the December snow are seen on a walkway leading to the entrenece of the amusement park.

A view of the vacant parking lot.

Boarded up enterence gates at the front of the amusement park.

A building, looking much like the castle at Disneyland, sits unfinished in a field by itself.

An abandoned, unfinished street inside Wonderland.

Cracks in the parking lot, lead towards the unfinished amusement park.

Fresh fallen snow covers a rock inside the hulk of an unfinished building.

Farmers digging a water well in a field nearby the unfinished Wonderland castle.


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