A QR Code Built From Everyday Objects

QR codes seem to be cropping up everywhere you look, from tags in electronics stores to flyers stapled to telephone poles… so it’s really nice to see this completely original project from David Sykes. To promote his newly launched website, Sykes created an 8 foot square model of a QR code using objects sourced directly from his studio. He then photographed the ‘cityscape’ of stuff from above and made 8×10 prints retaining the full frame of the shot. By including the studio floor and rebates in the image, he gave the whole piece a further sense of depth. Possibly my favorite aspect of the project was the mysterious way each print arrived at it’s recipient: in an anonymous photograph mailer with no mention of who it was from. Brilliant!

Sykes has been creating some equally brilliant ad work and personal photo projects over the years. His personal works often feature food related themes that cleverly distort the way we look at cuisine, consumption and the home. For more work from this photographers highly unique viewpoint, use the QR code below or head to davidsykes.com.

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