Ikea Hack: Decorate With Records

I’m not sure how many of us have a collection of vinyl records these days, but according to graphic designer Shane Keaney, they could be used as an inexpensive and attractive decorating idea. Calling his project Rekordit, Keaney is currently seeking support through Kickstarter, the website that helps get funding to creative projects by anyone with a new and innovative idea.

Designed to be used with the reasonably priced Expedit series of shelving from Ikea, Keaney’s add-on doors would have frames in which to insert and display record sleeves in an attractive way. This could be an inexpensive way to decorate cabinets and hide messy shelves.

As is true of all Kickstarter projects, Rekordit has a deadline in which to meet the funds needed to make the project a reality. If enough pledges come in by Wednesday Jan 25, 9:09pm EST. – totaling at least $7500 – then Kickstarter will fund this endeavor. If not, then the project will not receive funding, and therefore not come to fruition. Interested in seeing this idea become a reality? Help Keaney by pledging on his project today!

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