ONE: An Art Piece Brings Inspiration to Occupy

Three years ago, Sandy Parsons started creating her epically large collage titled “ONE.” Inspired by ten years of obsession with the multitude of issues depicted in the piece, as well as authors such as Derrick Jensen of Endgame fame, the piece is a wonderfully bold assimilation of important issues. Since the pieces completion in 2009, Parsons says the piece has taken on a life of its own, becoming more and more relevant as world events, especially the Occupy Movement, begin to shape our planet. What does “ONE” mean? Parsons explains:

“Although the art piece is up for interpretation, my take on it is from an environmental standpoint. I don’t see Obama as the main subject in the piece; he is just representing the consumeristic and politically distracted America. To me, the real star of the piece is to the right, Mother Earth, or Gaia, who lays dying. She, and all of her beautiful creatures, are the ones truly being affected by our way of life in civilization. She’s the one who I created this for. Money is also a big issue in the piece. I don’t see it so much from the perspective of many Americans who might think, ‘Oh no, who is stealing our dollars?’ but I would like to raise the question, ‘What is the true cost of a dollar?’ I hope that this image will strengthen the voices of the environmentalists in the Occupy movement, and also influence others to see the larger picture. Regardless, I truly applaud all of the protesters for their fearlessness in the face of state violence, their courage to stand up against our common enemy Big Business, and their tenacity to be heard, with or without the help of mainstream media.”

Because of the unique relevance the piece has to current events, Parsons recently printed out 5 large vinyl banners and sent them to Occupy events around the US, the idea being that the piece would inspire, provide food for thought or even shelter at the encampments. With the recent simultaneous evictions in major cities around the country, it will be interesting to see where the banners find new homes. You can find out more about “ONE” and help track sightings of the banners in the wild on the art pieces very own Facebook page.

Click the images below for expanded views of this wonderful art piece.

ONE: click image for larger view

Gaia, closeup: click image for larger view

Santa, closeup: click image for larger view

Obama, closeup: click image for larger view

The original piece, measuring a large 6 by 8 feet and weighing in at 175 pounds, now hangs in Parsons studio.: click image for larger view

A printed banner: click image for larger view

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