Silver Screen Society: Artist Tributes to Famous Films

When thinking back to some favorite films, everyone has their own interpretations or experiences that are associated with those films. The Silver Screen Society is a website dedicated to curating those interpretations in the form of art. Each month, the founders, Trevor Basset, Brandon Schaefer and Adam Hanson, feature a new film and invite artists to create art based on the chosen film.

While perusing through all the artwork, it is immediately apparent that there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are designs submitted by artists that are more literal in concept, yet beautiful in execution, and there are some that are more riddled with concept. It is easy to find oneself staring, discovering all of the subtle hints leading to memorable instances in the movie.

Keep an eye out at the beginning of each month to discover what film and accompanying art will be featured. Whether you want to see the art because of the specific artist, or for the film, you will enjoy taking a look through all of the entries at:


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