World AIDS Day in Photos

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary since HIV was identified. Since 1981, HIV/AIDS has grown, many people have died, many have suffered, many have stood up for rights and people, governments and organizations have rallied to “turn the tide” on AIDS.

While much has been done in regards to getting treatment to those who are infected and education to those who are ignorant of the diseases terrible effects has increased, there is still a lot to do. As one world, we are closer to stopping AIDS and continue to get closer.

Yesterday, millions around the world rallied in one voice to come together and continue the journey to ENDING AIDS. The biggest obstacle in stopping the spread of the disease is the lack of education and awareness in some of the more rural areas of the world. Though it is well established how HIV and AIDS is acquired and transmitted, there are still many out there who misunderstand the practice of safe sex or spread the virus unknowingly through MTCT (Mother to Child Transmission). If a Mother knew their status and obtained medicines (ARV’s), they could still breastfeed and their child would not become HIV-positive. MTCT accounts for 60% of new infections, so through continuing education and prevention methods, this number could drop significantly.

Below are photos of the solidarity that was experienced yesterday. Photos from China, Australia, Denmark, Colombia, USA and other countries showed the human action and commitment to ending AIDS. Wouldn’t it be a milestone to say we as a world halted AIDS? It can happen, but we cannot just observe the reality of AIDS in the world one day a year. World AIDS day should be everyday. Do something, help bring treatment to those who cannot afford it, help raise awareness in your local community, support an AIDS focused non-profit. Together we can end AIDS. And when that day comes, it will be beautiful.

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