A Nearly Life-Sized Los Angeles Made of Cardboard

Los Angeles is a city of colorful extremes: at once a exotic star filled architectural playground and sprawling urban jungle of low-slung suburbia. Taking her cues from the less opulent spots in the city, artist Ana Serrano has created a colorful, nearly life-sized version of the place she was born and raised… out of cardboard. Her large, room filling work, features the myriad storefronts you would find wandering the streets of LA, from nail salons, to liquor stores and sex shops, all with their signature hand-painted signage, sparse plant life and brilliant paint jobs. This isn’t the high end of the city, but it’s certainly full of life and character.

“Salon of Beauty,” the title of the piece, is a larger expression of Serrano’s much smaller cardboard sculptures and is currently giving the residents of Houston Texas a taste of LA at the Rice Gallery, it will be available to explore until December 11th.

See the video below for more on the construction of “Salon of Beauty,” then take a stroll over to anaserrano.com for more on her work.

Ana Serrano, the artist at work:

Via: fastcodesign.com

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