Organic Art: Houses Woven with Sticks

For the past 25 years, Pacific northwest artist Patrick Dougherty has been creating beautiful, biologically based sculptures out of an unusual material: the twigs and branches of saplings. His gracefully curving architectural forms organically merge with their surroundings, opening their large doors and windows to explorative passerby. The fragile looking pieces appear both as if they are rooted in the ground and floating above it… only when venturing close do you see their woven, basket-like strength.

Recently, Dougherty has published a sleek and comprehensive book of his work over the past 25 years, titled Stickwork. Never before has their been such an in depth look at his far reaching pieces installed around the world. The book contains over 200 pages of photographs and anecdotes, along with information about his team based methods of building (often requiring scaffolding to reach the top). For an inside look at his building process see the beautiful video at the bottom of this page, then swing by for more.


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