Ethereal Dreams: Paintings by Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato’s paintings reside within the primordial ooze of dreams, which see his subjects always shifting, always changing. A working artist from Sacramento he finds himself currently residing in Berkley, California. Of his latest show This Too Shall Pass he waxes poetic: “The temporary nature of all things seen, a certainty among an environment of discord and antagonistic uncertainty on the great blue dot, earth.

Lovato’s work deals with man and woman, young and old, suns and moons, and the celestial portrayal of nature. The suns and moons shine down upon the humans; awakening, connecting, and guiding them through a nature transforming around them, looking for “shelter in times of the greatest of suffering and humbling in a moment of prosperity.” Each of his paintings require multiple views, to fully comprehend what his subjects go through and to catch the life being born out of death. See more of his work below.

Via: Justin Lovato

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