Brilliant: App Predicts Weather for the Near Future

We’ve all had plans to do something outdoors during a day when the weather prediction says 90% chance of rain… but when is that rain going to hit? Now, an in development app called Black Sky aims to answer that question, and look beautiful in the process.

What makes this app different from the plethora of other weather apps on the market? Instead of focusing on the entire day, Black Sky aims to predict the weather only an hour from the present, in your exact location. It does this using the GPS location in your mobile device, using national weather radar data to predict the rain or snows exact time of arrival in your exact location. Using a scrollable timeline, the app also allows users to graphically see when the inclement weather will likely hit and when it will leave. Unlike the clunky animated maps we’re used to, Dark Sky beautifully and smoothly animates the weather map, giving a more recognizable path of which way the clouds are traveling.

This app is currently in final development and needs your help to reach reality. Creators Jack Turner and Adam Grossman are running a Kickstarter campaign to get final funding to get the app ready for the public and beef up their server to handle the entire US network of weather radar data. Any pledge of $15 or more is an advance order of Black Sky for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Check out the video below, then head to Kickstarter to make this app a reality!

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