288,000 Jelly Beans, 22 Months, 1 Music Video

Internet music sensation Kina Grannis put in some serious time on her latest video, 22 months and 1357 hours to be exact. Inspired by the jelly bean “paintings” that have been floating around the net for a while, director Greg Jardin wanted to make the idea more animated. They ultimately used a well rounded pallet of 288,000 candies for the piece, keeping 30 people busy creating it. Grannis spent hours laying on a glass table while individual photographs where taken to create the stop motion animation. Although easier techniques exist, no CGI or green screen was involved. Hear more of Grannis’ music on youtube.

If you like this unique stop motion video, check out Gulp: The Worlds Largest Stop-Motion Set.

For a better look at the dedication it took to create this short 3 1/2 minute video, check out this detailed behind the scenes documentary:

Via: petapixel.com

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