Fanciful Characters of Cut Paper

Patrick Gannon pieces his intricately cut paper together like a puzzle, creating beautiful beast filled worlds. The way the curving organic lines form each object give an inviting, earthy, even peaceful feel. Each work is built on a piece of thick wood, some allowing the grain to show through to the finished work. Gannon lives on the beautiful island of Fukuoka, Japan. See more at, follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook.

“There is a primitive quality to paper. It is rough, textured, basic, pure. Jagged-edged cuts crash against soft curves and spirals. Deep, tactile textures and saturated colors flow alongside ancient patterns and the natural grain of wood. The technique I use to assemble these cut-paper pieces blurs the boundary between flat and dimensional. Each piece is assembled like a puzzle; shapes, colors and textures slide into place, create form and focus, add context and meaning. Receding layers sink back into the work while others burst out from the surface. Light and shadow play along the rough folds and layers, creating a work that exists in real space, that asks to be touched, that yearns to connect.”

If want to support his work check out his new Kickstarter campaign.

Portrait of Patrick Gannon:

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