Double Vision: Multiple Meanings in Cinema Posters

There’s more to these clean designs than first meets the eye. Polish design duo, Homework, have been printing up some very punchy movie posters for the last few years, promoting film fests around the country. Here we bring you a sampling of their work, featuring some of their best examples of creatively combined visuals. See more of their extensive catalogue at

Above: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Below: Last Tango in Paris

Tofifest: international film festival

Gone With the Wind

Left: Invitation for a Homework exhibition in Kalisz, Poland. Right: poster for a festival on the art of acting

Poster for a Spanish Film Week


Citizen Cane

Poster for a Homework exhibiton in Kraków, Poland


Shut up and shoot me (what is dangerous about travelling to Prague?)


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