Information With Every Sip: Infographic Wine Labels

The vintners at Australian winery Between Five Bells, have a very unique take on how to market a wine, giving buyers much more than simply a finely aged beverage. One thing that makes them stand out is their adherence to a policy of “transparency in winemaking;” meaning they share much of the recipe and growing conditions of their wine. In fact, long before knowing what to do with the data on their new 2010 Geelong Red, they kept careful notes on the conditions of vineyards, vintage conditions, ferments and finished wines. That knowledge has now been passed on to their customers in another unique move: labeling their new wine with a detailed infographic sharing the information.

Between Five Bells used the skills of designer Nicholas Felton to create an information rich label using data processing. Colorful and attractive, the design concisely displays lowest and highest growing temperatures, pH, baume, percentage de-stemmed, whole berry percentage and days of pre and post ferment maceration for each of the blended varietals. It’s a tasty mouthful of information, displayed clearly. Find out more, or order a bottle at

Click here or the image below for a full sized look at the wine label:

Nicholas Felton’s initially processed data:

Below: the label for Between Five Bells’ soon to be released 2011 Geelong Rosé:

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