Snap Shots: The Voices of Young China

Going to Adrian Fisk’s site is like jumping through a portal to another world; a world that will leave you more enlightened. Today we bring you his ‘iSpeak China’ series: “I have just returned from a 12500 km journey through China to find an answer to this question. I looked for young Chinese aged from 16 – 30 years, gave them a piece of paper and simply told them they could write what ever they wanted to on the piece of paper, I then photographed them holding the paper.” Make sure to visit his site, and while there check out his documentary about the human hair trade. It is absolutely fascinating.

Above: Wendy Xhang – 20 year old law student studying in Canada. Great Wall of China.
Below: Jia Jia – 25 year old (Day) mobile phone sales and service employee / (Evening) marketing management student / (Night) professional nightclub dancer: “Now days many young people do not care about the development of China and the world. They only care about themselves and ignore other people and things around them.” Guangxi Province.

Chow Liang – 17 year old cosmetology student on his way to see his father who works in another province: “In adults eyes I am a bad person in society, but in fact I am a very obedient person.” Gansu Province.

Li Jung Yang – 25 year old former Mongolian sheep herder. Due to a ban on keeping livestock in the area is now a tourist guide in Inner Mongolia: “I hope I could eat lamb, quaff wine spirits, and keep singing and dancing like I was five years ago. This is our families wish.”

Rainbow Su – 22 year old student of software engineering: “I am worrying something. Girls in China is becoming materialistic, without house my girlfriend would not marry me. My parents cannot help me either. So I need to get good job with high payment, that’s what I totally want.” Guangdong Province.

Luo Zheng Chui – 30 year old farmer: “After watching television I have many thoughts, but I know I cannot achieve them.” Yunnan Province.

Lim – 22 year old student of party politics: “Do not judge China from the media, because the real China is not on the papers.” Beijing.

Song Jing Ping – 22 year old who runs two basic restaurants with her fiancee (migrated from a village 400km away): ‘When people leave their village to live in the city, it is very hard for them to return’. Hubei Province.

Jiang Min – 24 year old farmer: “I want to walk my own path, I don’t want other people telling me what to do.” Henan Province.

Feng Long – 21 year old first time migrant labourer working on new building interiors: “Why aren’t there any companies setting up factories in the countryside? We don’t want to work as migrant laborers.” Shanghai.

Yuen Fei – 27 year old post grad in philosophy and now owns small handicraft shop. “I want China to be a bit democratic.” Shanxi Province.

Avril Lui – 22 year old post grad student: ‘We are the lost generation. I am so confused about the world.” Guangxi Province.

Xin Hong Li – 30 year old migrant factory worker (25 hrs train journey from home): ‘Even if I am offered a house of gold or silver, I still want to return to my poor home.” Guangdong Province.

Ray Chuang – 20 year old student of economic trading: “I want to associate with people from different cultures.” Guangdong Province.

Jell Zhu – 22 year old student of communication: “I think its time for us to stand up for ourselves and be who we really are.” Guangdong Province.

Ba Te Er – 18 year old former Mongolian herder, but due to a ban on keeping livestock in the area is now a tourist guide (illiterate): ‘Without my horse I am nothing.” Inner Mongolia.

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