Newly Opened in 1905: A Trip On The New York Subway

This vintage footage from the dawn of film takes us on a trip through the original New York Subway system. Filmed May 21, 1905, on the Interborough Subway as it travels from 14th St. to Central Station, the silent movie captures the subway just 7 months after it first opened and reveals glossy new trains with clean columned stations filled by victorian attired commuters. It must have been an exciting time.

The film was transferred from 35mm film taken from what appears to be a train following the one filmed. On the parallel track another train pulls a car lighting the dark tunnels for the film. Be sure to watch the end of the film as passengers, unsure what to make of the camera, depart and enter the train.

Below, a map of the above ground and subway rail systems in 1906’s Manhattan.
Click here or the image for a larger view:

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