Glowing Dinosaur Fossils Painted With Light

Looking like prehistoric floating neon, these elaborate floating fossils light up the night with an otherworldly and beautiful glow. Created by Darren Pearson (aka Darius Twin), his “Light Fossils” are some of the best light paintings we’ve seen in a long while. Pearson creates the pieces freehand at night, using just flashlights, a long exposure photograph and a lot of skill (think about drawing dinosaur bones with your eyes closed).

Pearson is part of a three member photography collective known as The Light Painters, which have produced some really eye grabbing fashion shoots using their light based techniques. See his other light based works, his graphic design work and his own line of clothing at

Darius also creates catchy light drawn animations. Here’s his piece “Fish Food”:

And for those wondering how to make some light paintings yourself, here’s a quick look at the process behind his technique:

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