Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume

Most of the world is familiar with the famous Disney princesses. From Snow White to Pocahontas, their likenesses are burned into our memory. What makes them so iconic? Many would argue it was their lavish and flowing costumes. When the films were made, the gorgeous gowns and unique outfits were “interpretations” and stylistic choices made by the animators. Unfortunately, they often missed the mark.

Claire Hummel, an illustrator with a passion for historically accurate costuming, recently reworked many of the famous ladies to remedy this. In her series, the princesses receive fashion makeovers that would better befit the style of each princess’ time period. As you can see in her version of Snow White above (based on early 16th century Germany), many of the original Disney princesses’ costumes weren’t far off, yet a few are vastly different.


Pocahontas is based on a 17th century Powhatan costume.

Cinderella’s dress is based in the mid-1860s.

Jasmine is based on rare drawings of pre-Islamic Middle Eastern fashion.

Sleeping Beauty channels the year 1485.

Ariel’s dress is based on 1890s evening gown fashion.

Belle’s dress is based on 1770s French court fashion.

For more of Hummel’s excellent work, go to her website shoomlah.com.

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