Adjustable Stencil Makes Street Art Infographics

Next time you feel the urge to make a statistical statement about the condition of the oceans, maybe you should do it with graffiti. This incredibly novel pie-chart stencil allows you to spell out sentences and accurately adjust a movable arm to create a meaningful visualizations of your favorite cause or ratio.

The idea for his ‘Infoviz Graffiti’ stencil came to artist Golan Levin during a four hour ‘Speed Project’ at Carnegie Mellon University where he acts as director of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. All you need to create your own is some fiberboard, a wing-nut, tape to hold the letters in place, your favorite color of spray paint and the PDF (pictured at bottom) from Levin’s website (where you can also find his thoughts on infographic street art). Now… go forth and pie-chart!


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