The Art Of Turning Art Into Money

Most people have a good idea of how much money is worth (we have to trade our work to earn it) but what is a piece of art worth? Some pieces made by skillful artists go for only tens of dollars while others go for millions. Also, considering the many hiccups in the current world economy, the worth of money is increasingly in question.

Now, a painter going by the name Dadara has created a project that he hopes will start a dialog about money and money as it relates to art. He has created a beautiful currency of his own, with each of his hand-designed bills a piece of art in themselves. You can even exchange your money for his art currency at his cleverly titled mobile bank: Exchanghibition. What’s next for Dadara? He’s currently creating a full sized swimming pool to fill with literally millions of his currency! Follow his latest moves on facebook.

“In times when governments keep bailing out Banks with huge amounts of money, but are drastically cutting back on Art funding it might be good to take an in-depth look at the value(s) of Art and Money and at the same time look where in this changing financial and cultural landscape opportunities for artists arise or can be created to earn money so they can keep pursuing their Dreams.” – Dadara

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