Welcome To Pyongyang: the DPRK’s Game Face

These clean, crisp images of Pyongyang, North Korea are in stark contrast to the realities of the controversial and strife ridden country. British photographer Charlie Crane has made it his quest to answer a simple, yet very complex question, “How do you photograph one of the most secretive countries in the world?”

The answer was simpler than Charlie expected; photograph what they want you to see. With permission to enter the country taking over a year, and not having his mobile phone allowed past customs — photographing what they want you to see wasn’t such a bad idea. Charlie puts his experience into words best: “Working with such tight restrictions in a country once described as a ‘Stalinist Disneyland’ was a real challenge, but the result is the strongest body of work I’ve produced to date.”

via: FormFiftyFive

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