No Ticket Required: Hitchhiking Around the World

Hitchhiking: It’s something your parents told you never to do, right? Meet Jeremy Marie from France. To date, he has traveled 74,000 miles through 64 countries all by hitchhiking. And he’s still alive.

His purpose for all the travel is simple: “to prove that the planet Earth is mainly occupied by people with good intentions.” Through his travels, he has proved just that, having been given 1,285 rides and making friends with people all over the world.

Jeremy says, “My aim is to tour the World for 5 years (2007-2012) without spending money on the mean of transport, relying completely on the kindness of the strangers that I will meet in every country…”

In 2007 Jeremy started from his hometown of Caen, France. From there he moved his way through Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East to Egypt, down Eastern and Southern Africa where he then caught a ride on a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean to Panama. From there he moved up Central America and Mexico, the States, Canada and even Alaska, back down to Cuba, the Caribbean and finally down to South America where he currently is traveling. Soon he will hitch on another boat to get to Asia-Pacific and make his way back to Caen by 2012.

Through his travels, he has spoken to many schools and has been interviewed by local media in many countries he has been to. He continues to spread his positive message of global understanding and that people are inherently good.

For more on Jeremy check out his website and if you’d like to start frugally hopping around the world meeting new friends, we’d highly recommend looking at the excellent resource

Jeremy hitching on a bus in East Africa

Awaiting the next ride to head down to South Africa.

Taking a nap at a Sudanese petrol station.

Making friends in the Middle East

Telling children about his travel stories and adventures.

Getting fed in Syria, which symbolizes a sign of friendship.

Educating children in Tanzania.

Taking a quick “shower” in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

With “friendly” authorities in Panama.

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