An Astronaut Photographer’s View from Space

Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli has been all over the world, literally. As an Expedition 26/27 flight engineer, he went to the International Space Station last December and spent 159 days working on a variety of projects and experiments. In some of his limited free time, he was able to take some amazing photos of our planet and on his way back home, captured the first photograph of a space shuttle docked at the space station. Just before he left Paolo tweeted if anyone wanted to join him for pizza. Welcome home Paolo… and yes.

Space Shuttle Endeavor docked at International Space Station.

Volcano: Onekotan Island, Russia

Desert in Somalia.

Lake Cadibarrawirracanna, South Australia.

Blue expanse of ocean.

Scene over Tietê River, Brazil.

Glacial landscape of Northern Canada

River Delta

Sicily and Southern Italy.

Grand Canyon, United States.

Kimerly Coastline, Northwestern Australia.

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