Elementar: Good Fonts Across Platforms

When the crew from type foundry and design studio Typotheque set out to create a new series of digitally readable fonts, they broke free from the establishment and created a whole new font-family based around the little used parametric system. Their new series “Elementar” strives to solve the issues of using our standard highly detailed fonts (those defined by curves) on low-resolution pixilated screens such as computer monitors. Rather than trying to adapt printable fonts to the screen, their new system uses a collection of bitmap based fonts designed specifically for viewing on digital displays. Although the fonts are non-scalable and size-specific, the font-family includes thousands of pre-scaled glyphs which allow flexibility. The advantage of this system? With their low-tech approach customers are assured solid, stable typeface reproduction across platforms and devices.

To facilitate exploration and understanding of their new system Typotheque features an in depth browser based Font Explorer on their website which allows customers to adjust weight, height, width and style to their liking. We’re excited to see where this new take on typography takes us!

For more info on this new technology swing over to typotheque.com, explore the new system in the Font Explorer or on their iPad app.

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