How to Raise $10k to Build a School in 3 Hours

How to Raise $10k to Build a School in 3 Hours

Taylor Conroy’s motto is “destroy normal,” so it’s no surprise that when he wanted to take fundraising to the next level, he invented a platform that would completely change the way people think of charity. His social micro-giving platform, found at, is designed to raise $10,000 to build a school in 3 hours. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and budding philanthropist recently did a Tedx talk on his new platform, which we’ve featured above.

After experiencing the joy of funding the construction of a library in Kenya with Free The Children, he made it his mission to share what he calls “the greatest feeling in the world” with as many people as possible. For context, this is a guy who has traveled to 30 countries, been on every continent, and done crazy things that range from skydiving to running with the bulls in Spain, to hanging with penguins in Antarctica, and meditating with zen monks in Japan. Nothing tops the feeling of giving, in his mind, which was the fuel behind Ten in Three.

Without getting into too much detail because Taylor nails it in his Tedx video, I’ll quickly share the findings of his experiments on the motivators of giving. In his own words:

1. Personal Connection: “My research shows that the relationship between the potential donor and the fundraiser is far more important than the cause.”
2. Group Mentality: “People love being part of a group, whether it’s teammates, co-workers, family, or friends… and it makes it a lot more fun.”
3. Micro-Giving: “Asking for a micro daily amount for a set time period, like $3.33 for three months, and equating it to something that people usually buy everyday, like a cup of coffee or parking downtown for a couple of hours, is far easier to attain than one lump sum of $300-$400.”
4. Tangible Outcome: “People love to see a direct result co-related to their giving, whether it’s buying a goat, digging a well, or buying a school, people like to know that their money built x.”
5. Recognition: “I like recognition for giving for two big reasons. 1) It evokes an immediate positive emotion that the person then links to the act of giving. 2) When you recognize people for giving, other people see it, and they get inspired to give, and recognizing them inspires other people to give, which inspires others, etc.”

If you have 180 minutes to spare and want to use it to change the world with your friends, check out!

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