Tintin The Movie! Trailer Released by Spielberg

With the combined creative geniuses of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, the world famous and universally loved comic, The Adventures of Tintin is coming to the big screen this December in 3D. Get ready for one visually innovative film!

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Created in 1929, The Adventures of Tintin by Belgium Artist Hergé are a series of graphic novels about young journalist Tintin and his adventures to the far places of the world and beyond. Accompanied with his loyal dog Snowy and his whiskey loving sailor friend Captain Haddock, Tintin stumbles about mysteries, travels and brings perpetrators to justice. Many other characters exist in the novels, including the hard of hearing genius, Professor Calculus, the twin international detectives, Thomson and Thompson, and who could forget the Diva whose extremely high pitched voice never fails to impress, Bianca Castiafiore.

Characters of Tintin

The graphic novels aren’t just limited to a young audience, though they definitely inspire adventure to young ones, including director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson when they were young. They are full of adventure, wit and justice for all ages.

The highly anticipated trailer, which was just released a few days ago, finally gives an idea of what Jackson and Spielberg have been developing the past five years and how to portray Tintin in a way that it’s long term readers and fans can appreciate.  As Peter Jackson describes,  “This is not animation – it’s live action film making in a real-time virtual world. You shoot many takes, just like a normal movie.”

Spielberg has owned the rights for bringing Tintin to film since the early eighties. Now with the innovations in film and animation, The Adventures of Tintin looks set to bring it’s stories of adventure to a greater audience and inspire young generations of readers.

Actors Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis wearing motion capture suits

Attempts at making Tintin movies have occurred before, but none did very well to communicate the fullness and life the 24 graphic novels represent. There have been some 2D animations done for portions of the series in the 90’s, but this film looks like it could be the first to truly capture the spirit of the books.

200 Million have sold Worldwide

Image from the upcoming Film

The Harry Potter series comes to an end this year and Tintin begins. “The Secret of the Unicorn” comes to US theaters on December 23rd. It is released on different dates for the 100+ other countries releasing it.  It will be the first of a trilogy, and Spielberg passes the director torch to Jackson for the second. Let the adventures begin!

Tintin in China

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