Music, Motion Collages And Holy Spirits

Designer Nathaniel Whitcomb has teamed up with Brooklyn, NY based band Holy Spirits to create a series of motion collages set to the bands music. Whitcomb uses images from 1970s-era National Geographic magazines to create his compositions. He began the partnership by sending one of his collages to Holy Spirits on an impulse; the band liked them so much they asked him to produce motion collages for every track off their new EP, The Afternoon’s Blood.

Whitcomb shared that his background studies in biology continually invade his creative process. “I approach things from a scientific angle — I do a lot of experiments,” which is how his creations, or “motion collages,” came to fruition. Holy Spirits invited Whitcomb to join them for tour dates in New York and Los Angeles, where Whitcomb performed the motion collages live by manipulating the photographic and animation elements of the collages in real time. Whitcomb said, “I wanted the motion collage to make you feel as if something could be going very wrong here, but it’s all going to be OK.” See if you get the same feeling from watching the motion collages below.

Holy Spirits: White Walls

Holy Spirits: Bridges

Holy Spirits: Tongues Still

Holy Spirits: Contain

Holy Spirits: Afternoon Blood

Special shout out to his Spring 2011 Think or Smile mix, it’s the jam! Download it here. Or browse his Think or Smile website for other mixtapes.

via: Cargo Collective

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