Carlo Ratti: Sensing The Data We Create

With the use of sensors and hand-held electronics, the real-time city is now a reality. Carlo Ratti is a civil engineer and architect who teaches at MIT in Cambridge, MA where he directs the SENSEable City Laboratory. There, his team studies the data we create — phone calls made, garage thrown away — to generate stunning visualizations of city life.

This new approach helps to describe and understand how people interact with their environment and to collect new insights into improving these interactions. His team also fabricates environments of moving water and hovering light, to transform an ordinary space into a distinctly immersive and interactive display environment. Here is Ratti’s TED Talk:

2006 World Cup Final: Cell Phone Use In Rome

Trash Track

Digital Water Pavilion – Zaragoza, Spain


The Cloud: London Olympics 2012

via: SENSEable City Lab

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