Home-Made Visualization Toolkit: Data in the Wild

Are you a designer away from your MacBook? Do you steal pens and napkins to draw pie charts? Next time you find yourself in the wild and far from Illustrator you should definitely pack one of these genius kits. Looking like a designers DIY Happy Meal this “Home-Made Visualization Toolkit” by Jose Duarte will have you comparing stats in no time. Created to “explore new and simple ways to represent information,” Duart says the fun kit can create a multitude of visualizations:

“With it you can make any kind of graphics including: abstracts maps and diagrams, area graphs and charts, arrow diagrams, bar graphs, venn diagrams, time line charts, bubble graphs, circle diagramas, proportional charts, organization charts, and really, whatever you want.”

Included in the kit: balloons, stickers, string, rubber bands, chalk and more.

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