The Beauty of Maps: A Documentary About Maps

Here we bring you the 4 part BBC series, The Beauty of Maps. Released almost a year ago the documentary takes us through the staggering four million map collection of the British Library in London.

The Beauty of Maps

Through the ages the story of the worlds landscape and population has been told through the creative and colorful use of maps. Often that tale has been destorted or idealized by the map maker, adding layers of history and revealing the society behind the maps making. Some examples are simply informational, the layout of streets and their names… others are highly beautiful, displaying a careful hand and creative mind. This is a story that will take you through time and around the world.

Medieval Maps Pt 1

Medieval Maps Pt 2

Medieval Maps Pt 3

City Maps Pt 1

City Maps Pt 2

City Maps Pt 3

Atlas Maps Pt 1

Atlas Maps Pt 2

Atlas Maps Pt 3

Cartoon Maps Pt 1

Cartoon Maps Pt 2

Cartoon Maps Pt 3

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