Hyperphotos: Explore Art With Astounding Detail

French photographer and digital artist Jean Francois Rauzier creates fantastically huge images that only reveal their true detail when viewers dive in, explore and linger. Dubbed “Hyperphoto’s“, a term he coined, each image is composed of hundreds, if not thousands of individual photographs. Rauzier collects images using a telephoto lens, sometimes from a single vantage point, then spends countless hours methodically stitching them together until it is impossible to tell one image from another. His patient work sometimes captures reality, but more often he imagines surreal worlds, creating landscapes that seem to repeat into a dreamlike infinity.

Rauzier first became fascinated with photography as a child, and with the advent of digital photography he quickly adopted the new technology. It wasn’t until 2002 that he started creating his Hyperphoto’s, which he says is a process far different than normal photography:

“I have an emotion, but I can’t really see how the final image will be. It’s very important to know that because it was difficult for me at first. It’s exactly the opposite of photography. As a classic photographer, I look in my viewfinder and shoot and I have my picture. In the case of the Hyper-photo, in the viewfinder, I just see details. I tried every wide-angle viewfinder as a movie director would, but it’s impossible to have 360-degree vision; 180-degree viewfinders exist, but there’s so much distortion that we can’t imagine the result. So when I shoot, I have some ideas, but I don’t know how it will be in the end. It’s always an adventure, a discovery of a parallel world.”

See Rauzier’s immensely detailed portfolio in full resolution at rauzier-hyperphoto.com

Via: bestbookmarks.net

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