Good Times at South by Southwest

Brian Solis is surrounded.

Hot off the press from sunny South by Southwest, we thought we’d share some fun shots from the event taken by our friend Kris Krug. If you’re a fan of the internet/film/music world (and who isn’t?), you’ll find some crisp pictures of those well known faces you’ve seen around the web doing what they do best… having a blast.

Kris Krüg is founder of Static Photography, an all encompassing photographic service that captures everything from models to architecture. See more of his prolific work on flickr.

DJ Rana June
Guy Kawasaki says “Stick ’em up!”

Shira Lazar and Dave Olson

Gary Vaynerchuk (at right)

Thor Muller and Technicolor Crochet

In the forground: Kris Krüg himself

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