The Beauty of Vomiting Pandas & Flying Sharks

Shaman of the Rainbow Vomiting Pandas – © Derek Chatwood

Rainbow vomiting pandas? The sky taken over by flying sharks? This is the colorful and trippy world of Derek Chatwood. He has a talent for making bold illustrations that hold both humor and often an undercurrent of poniency that only adds to the full stories they tell. He produces his works with pencil and ink, drawing the outline freehand, then ‘paints’ the images using Photoshop. When he’s not at his day job as a video game designer and illustrator he says “whatever collects in the mental filter over the week of media saturation, I spend my weekend trying to squeeze back out onto paper.” It would seem his weeks are saturated with pure Technicolor brilliance.

For more of Derek Chatwood’s surreal creations check out his frequently updated Flickr photostream or his website

When Sharks Fly: Year Two© Derek Chatwood

The Rainbow Vomiting Pandas Of Interestingness© Derek Chatwood

’72 Pinto for sale: $425,500© Derek Chatwood

Rainbow Vomiting Pandas: The Escape© Derek Chatwood

pop culture turtle legacy© Derek Chatwood

Perturbed Rainbow Vomiting Panda© Derek Chatwood

When Sharks Fly© Derek Chatwood

He likes to tinker© Derek Chatwood

The Thing About Sharks And Cats© Derek Chatwood

’57 Corvette $1,230,500 or best offer© Derek Chatwood

When Sharks Fly: The Ancients© Derek Chatwood

Trixie and the Winnekazi Caper© Derek Chatwood

self. ish (a self portrait)© Derek Chatwood

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