Muhammad Ali Portrait Made With Boxing Bags

Paying tribute to the legend of Muhammad Ali like never before, internationally lauded artist Michael Kalish has recently completed an entirely unique vision of the king of boxing. Titled “reALIze,” the sculpture appears like a massive tangle of wire, tubing and boxing bags when viewed from most angles, but should the viewer step into the perfect position a huge portrait of Ali pops into perspective.

Truly monumental in its size and scope, the sculpture uses 1,300 boxing speed bags, two miles of aluminum tubing and five miles of stainless steel cable to create the knock out portrait.

The project is the result of 3 years of work by Michael Kalish. Originally approached by Ali and his wife Lonnie, Kalish was asked to create an private original sculpture using his distinctive style.

The unveiling of reALIze is scheduled for March 25, 2011 at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, CA.


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